Interactive learning environment

We are currently developing an exploratory learning platform for microbiology with the aim to reach all levels of education – from children to scholars.

By providing pictures, videos, animations, graphics and comics in addition to traditional text, the users can discover the microbial world according to their own individual preferences.

The developer team consists of biologists, artists, programmers, a gamification expert and a user experience designer. Currently, we are in an early development stage and are looking for funding.

We test different concepts to enable a profound but nevertheless playful exploration of scientific topics. Based on the experiences in our workshops and retreats, we compile a selection of exciting stories about microbiology and experiment with digital implementation possibilities.

We have great plans and many ideas. The learning platform should not only be a starting point for microbe friends, but also support our workshops and retreats by providing high quality content.

We would like to provide digital education material in multiple languages and free of charge, so that also educational institutions from other countries can benefit.

If you are interested or would like to help, please write to