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We currently have the following workshops in our program. If you have your own idea, or would like to book a workshop tailored to your needs, we will gladly make you an offer. Just write an e-mail to

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#1 HUMUS sapiens

What do earthworms eat? How does a mud-battery work? Who lives in our compost?

Discover a hidden world on a small scale: go out, collect samples and observe the little creatures as they turn organic waste into fertile soil.
This workshop is about playful learning, muddy hands and curious minds.

Experienced educators assist small and big researchers exploring invisible worlds. Whether its a festival, birthday party, congress, wedding or summer camp - we taylor our offer to your event. Professional microscopes and all other required materials are provided.

HUMUS sapiens project page

Possible formats:

Children's workshop "mud and mini-beings"
Duration: 2-3 hours incl. excursion
Participants: per supervisor maximum 8 children from 6 years

HUMUS sapiens - open soil research
Duration: half-, full- or multi-day program including excursion(s)
Participants: Curious minds

#2 Antibiotics and their alternatives

What are antibiotics? What does (multi) resistance mean? How does phage therapy work?

In the media, we hear horror stories about hospital germs and the destruction of our intestinal flora. At the same time, almost all of us have already taken an antibiotic. We want to discuss and experiment and we invite you to join us.
Bring something that you think might kill bacteria ... and just try it. Garlic works excellent by the way.

Possible formats:

Classic Workshop
Duration: 2-3 hours including preparation of Petri dishes etc.
Participants: curious adults (children in company possible)

Participatory Unconference
Duration: half, full or multi-day program incl. experiments
Participants: Doctors, Naturopaths and other curious people

#3 Fermentation

Kombucha is not a mushroom ... but what is it? Sauerkraut, kimchi, beer, coffee - what exactly happens during fermentation? Can we taste it?

Fermentation is first and foremost a very direct and delicious way to get closer to the microbial life ... Thats why we want to give our little friends a nice home - in various jars as well as in our bellies.
Bring your own cultures, share, learn and return full of new ideas and new microbes.

Possible formats:

Cultivated delicacies
Duration: 2-3 hours - exchange recipes and cultures, preparation and tasting
Participants: curious adults (children in company possible)

Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria
Duration: Full evening program including catering
Participants: curious adults (children in company possible)