About the mikroBIOMIK Society

The mikroBIOMIK Society is an association for the promotion of intrinsic curiosity and participation in science - with a focus on invisible creatures.

We are an interdisciplinary network of scientists, physicians, ecologists, teachers, artists and other curious people exploring various strategies for disseminating knowledge and experience.

Latest events

May 2019 - HUMUS sapiens @BIOTOPIA Eat festival

May 2019 - 3-day-workshop in Vilnius

March 2019 - HUMUS sapiens at the SEEDS & SOIL conference in Paris

January 2019 - Interactive exhibition "SCOBI, Shit and Humus" @ACUD Berlin

November 2018 - Lecture on collaboration between art, science and technology (Kunsthaus Raab)

October 2018 - Workshop: Invisible life in compost and soil

September/October 2018 – HUMUS sapiens on tour

Lucerne, 22.-25. September 2018
Stuttgart, 26.-29. September 2018
Zurich, 03. October 2018
Berlin, 01.-07. October 2018

July 2018 - mikroBIOMIK soil retreat