About the mikroBIOMIK Society

The mikroBIOMIK Society is an association for the promotion of intrinsic curiosity and participation in science - with a focus on invisible creatures.

We are an interdisciplinary network of scientists, physicians, ecologists, teachers, artists and other curious people exploring various strategies for disseminating knowledge and experience.

Dr. Julian Chollet - Molecular biologist

Dr. Julian Chollet

Molecular biologist

Researching in the field of micro- and molecular biology with a focus on microbes, fungi and bacteriophages. Experiments with participative science and teaches at Bauhaus-University Weimar.

Member of the Hackteria network and founder of mikroBIOMIK

Alicia Charennat - Naturschützerin und Unternehmerin

Alicia Charennat

Nature conservationist and Entrepreneur

Works towards the conservation and restauration of forest-ecosystems. Together with a group of IT specialists, she develops sensor networks for the quantification of environmental data.

Co-founder and manager of the Aja project for ecosystem monitoring at foldAI

Malte Larsen - Ecosystem manager

Malte Larsen

Ecosystem manager

Researches experimental mushroom cultivation, practices lactic fermentation and develops innovative methods for the urban plant and fungal food production of the future.

Alumnus of the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde. Team-manager at FEZ Berlin.

Mona Schreiber - Anthropologist and artist

Dr. Mona Schreiber

Anthropologist and artist

Researches the cultural history of our crops in the field of domestication genomics. She is searching for innovative ways of science communication through the combination of art and natural sciences.

More about Mona at besenkunst.de

Leo Krohne - Biotechnologe

Leo Krohne


Cultivates filamentous microorganisms as well as tempeh. Works on a composting process for textiles and in his spare time he produces tinctures based on vital mushrooms.

Alumnus of the TU Berlin and member of the bioPUNK kitchen

Josephine Blersch - PhD student, teacher, actress

Dr. Josephine Blersch

Nanotechnologist and actress

Researching nanotechnology in the context of regenerative medicine. Wants to build a bridge between artistic expressions and science.

Part of the Marie Curie Alumni Association and the science theater "Marionet"

Mark Klawikowski - Artist, puppeteer, musician

Mark Klawikowski

Artist, puppeteer, musician

Is interested in the connections between art and science. As a cartoonist and illustrator of various books, he creates fascinating new worlds and thus enables creative, playful learning – soon also on this website.

Founder of the participatory theater "Spontanello"

Anja Thomas - Doctor

Anja Thomas


Beliefs that mind and matter interact closely. She is particularly interested in the relationship between intestinal flora and psyche.

Part of the university group "Uni MIND - psychedelic science"

Maya Minder - Artist, cook

Maya Minder

Artist and cook

Researches the importance of microbes for daily life. Her workshops are about cultivating communities and culinary delights. Fermenting and the focus on the own microbiome play a key role in this process.

Founder of ‘Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria’

Scientific and artistic advice

  • Prof. Dr. Nils Johnsson Genetics & Cell Biology
  • Dr. Thomas Gronemeyer Molecular Biology
  • Prof. Dr. Paul Walter Electron Microscopy
  • Dr. Gabriele Riedner Public Health
  • Prof. Ursula Damm Media Art & Design
  • Yashas Shetty Art & Science
  • Karl Phillipp Engelland Cultural Education
  • Dr. Marc Dusseiller Workshopology
  • Urs Gaudenz DIY-Electronics
  • Mona Schreiber Scientific Illustration
  • Media Lab Bayern Science Journalism

Design and Media

  • Moritz Chollet Concept, Design & Realization
  • Fabian Pranter Videography & Logo
  • Mark Klawikowski Illustration
  • Gregor Quade Animation
  • Christoph Hohmann Graphics

Cooperation partners

Friends & Partners

Hackteria BUND Naturschutz in Bayern e.V. Projekt Draussen BIOTOPIA Naturkundemuseum Bayern Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V. Media Lab Bayern Robert Bosch Stiftung Hochschule Luzern Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Marie Curie Alumni Association