What is microbiomics?

“Microbiomics“ (German: Mikrobiomik) deals with the diversity, genetics and function of living beings that are to small to be seen with the naked eye.

Microbes dominate planet earth. There is no visible life without invisible life. Our air, soil and water as well as all plants and animals contain complex ecosystems that are colonized by creatures we can not see. Our bodies are teeming with invisible life. We are only beginning to understand their significance for the world we live in and are already obliged to completely abandon our human centered views.

Microorganisms – especially Bacteria and Viruses - dominate the biosphere of this planet and have done so for billions of years.

Early outreach activities: 19th century artwork entitled “Monster soup commonly called Thames water [...]“

What is a microbiome?

The term “microbiome“ is used to describe the sum of all microorganisms that populate a specific ecosystem. In one of the earliest writings on the topic, the term was “defined as a characteristic microbial community occupying a reasonably well defined habitat.” [Whipps et al., 1988]

Extreme microbiome: this hot spring in Yellowstone national park contains heat loving microbes

What is mikroBIOMIK.org?

We aim to provide interactive learning environments to foster the intrinsic curiosity of anyone who would like to learn more about microbial life. The format addresses citizens of all educational levels and is mainly intended to spark genuine interest. An online platform will provide a general overview about microbial ecosystems with the intention to fill the gap between popular science and specialist literature. Our workshops bring people together, to create an experience that reaches far beyond the acquisition of knowledge.

First presentation of an interactive mikroBIOMIK learning environment at the “Centennial Celebration of Bacteriophage Research“ in Tbilisi, Georgia

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists, doctors, therapists, ecologists, teachers, artists, biohackers and computer scientists.

mikroBIOMIK.org is a nonprofit organization that explores different strategies for the dissemination of knowledge and experience.

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